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General Dentistry Services

Our dedicated team at Dentistry in Ajax is equipped to provide you comprehensive general dentistry services at our location.

General Dental Services, Ajax

Bridges and Crowns

If you're looking for options to correct your teeth, look no further! Our team offers dental bridges and crowns. » Read More

Dental Appliances

At Dentistry in Ajax, we can provide you with customized appliances to protect your smile. If you or your family plays sports, you should consider mouth guards. » Read More


Your dentist at Dentistry in Ajax can provide you with fillings to remove decay and repair your teeth. » Read More


Our dentists are able to perform tooth extractions to help create a healthier smile for you. » Read More

Oral Hygiene and Prevention

Our dental hygienists will work with you to maintain your oral health, both inside and outside of our dental office. » Read More

Root Canals

At Dentistry in Ajax, we offer root canal services to help protect your teeth from decay and infection. We want to keep you healthy! » Read More

TMJ Therapy

TMJ Therapy can help patients feel relief from jaw pain and helps restore jaw function. » Read More


Our dental team can provide dentures to replace one missing tooth or all of your teeth. Get a full smile today! » Read More

Are You a New Patient? Meet Our Dentists

At Dentistry in Ajax, our doors are always open. We welcome new patients and families!

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